New articles from the DPG!


Since the last time I posted about the Dinosaur Protection Group(DPG), they’ve released two more articles and an introductory video about the group.

The updates

The video

There’s a video that auto-plays when you visit the DPG site:

If it doesn’t appear above, the direct link to it is here.
tl;dw: Claire Dearing asks you to join the Dinosaur Protection Group.

The new articles

What Killed The Gene Guard Act?
Fills in some of the background of the going on regarding the dinos and the law surrounding them, simply known as the Gene Guard Act. A lot of it is political/business goings on: laws to protect the dinos; those laws being finagled to maximised profits; the laws being broken and those breaches being hidden from the public, etc. The hacker “JUR@55!_H@K3R” is mentioned, having released information of InGen/Masrani Global breaking the laws surrounding the dinosaurs.

The page also includes a list of dinosaurs on Isla Nublar (as of 5th October 1994), and Isla Sorna (as of 1997). There’s book references in the Nublar section, specifically with dinosaurs hiding on boats, and Compy’s eating dino faeces.

Fun little thing: the images of Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar are .PNG files. If you change the extensions to .jpg you get an image of Las Cinco Muertes from The Lost World movie, and a nice image of the forest on, I assume, Isla Nublar. No idea how long these images will remain up for, since the last time I found a hidden file, the sibo-strong video mentioned in the previous article, it ended up being removed. I have saved them though, just in case.

Dinosaur Rights – Birth of an Activist
This is an opinion piece from the fictional paper, the National Science Observer, which talks about the congressional hearings going on, and talks about whether we should save the Nublarian dinosaurs. It also mentions Dr Wu losing his credentials and not being unreachable for comment. It’s an interesting read, and shows that there are peopel that disagree with the DPG, and someone (Mr. Ozwald Brook) makes a good point that we could be spending time/engery/money saving other endangered animals rather than creatures we brought back to life through de-extinction.

The analysis

So a lot of this seems to be more world building, showing that it’s not all plain sailing for Claire Dearing and the DPG. I’m wondering if Dr Wu will pop up in this movie as the villain or not, since that’s kinda how they were setting him up in the previous one. Him not being available for comment for the opinion piece is either a “He’s not going to be in the film folks” from the film’s makers, or setting up a “Surprise, motherlovers!” situation.

The hacker JUR@55!_H@K3R I really thought was Franklin Webb, the Dinosaur Protection Group’s Systems Analyst. I saw someone mention that it could be Lex Murphy, Hammond’s granddaughter from Jurassic Park. While it’d be nice seeing another face from the original film, I’d prefer it if this hacker was one of the new characters.

I get the feeling they may also be trying to re-introduce Isla Sorna for use this triolgy of movies. With the trailers being confirmed to have only covered theie first 55 minutes or so of the film, there’s the possiblity of Isla Sorna being visited. That would, though, take away from te “Protect the dinos!” sentiment.

Anyway I’ll end this here.  I’d love to hear what you think about where this could go. Got any theories or analyses you want to share?