A rescue on the edge of chaos?


The Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG) has released a new article and ablog post about the Zia and Franklin.

The updates

Blog Post: “Welcome To The DPG”

This is by Zia and Franklin, and is a short intro post to them both. Zia is the group’s paleo-vet, and was due to start an intern at Jurassic World, though never got a chance to actually visit the island due to the Incident depicted in the last film. Franklin was one of Jurassic World’s computer techs, and is the team’s Systems Analyst. For Ingen, he started in an off-site location in California, checking the network for glitches, before moving to the island itself.

Article: “The Rise and Fall of Masrani Global”

Talks about how Masrani Global has been on a downward spiral since the Jurassic World incident and the death of Simon Masrani. Plus it mentions the dinosaurs on Site B/Isla Sorna being moved to Isla Nublar due to a population drop. The cause of that isn’t known, but it’s speculated upon, and includes an oblique reference to the DX prion infection from the book, which also made it to some of the merchandise released around the time that The Lost World: Jurassic Park was released.

The analysis

Blog post Analysis

Franklin’s info suggests that either he’s the hacker, knows who it is, or is/was terrible at his job, since he’d see any intrusions, or at least know about them. I’m wondering which way things

Article analysis

Most of it’s fluff, talking about how Masrani Globa’s fallen since the last film. However the main take-away, I think, is the dinosaurs being moved from Sorna to Nublar for unknown reasons. A disease spreading through the population would be difficult to deal with since the DPG is limited in terms of money and manpower. Behaviour and territorial issues would be innate to the dinosaurs, so would go with the dinosaurs where-ever they are located. The DPG would find it near-impossible to correct these without extra money and support, and even then there’d be difficulties without resorting to killing the stubborn or unruly ones. Going off this, I’m not sure what the DPG can actually do, in their current form, to actually save the dinosaurs they so desperately want to protect. While the #WeCanSaveThem idea is noble, the question now is #ShouldWeSaveThem ?