Ready Player One Lets Read introduction

This is going to be my first Lets Read on the site, and it’s going to be of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Not sure how I’m going to be doing this, if it’ll be chapter by chapter, or do several chapters per post. This will be a blind read through, I’ve managed to avoid spoilers even though this has been popular.

So, here’s what I know, going into the book (note, wrote this list before reading anything, even the back of the book):

  • Main Character is looking for an Easter Egg in a VR game called Oasis.
  • Finding it will give the finer a life of luxury (or similar)
  • Main Character has allies (one having issues around how they look in the real world, and this was suppossedly miniminsed how bad it was in the movie) and the Main Character gets into a relationshup with them near ((I think) near the end.
  • Lots of 80s nostalgia (which was a positive for some people, and a negative for others
  • Tracer is in the movie, but that’s not a book thing (maybe? I don’t know!)
  • Book has chapters divided into “levels”, though I’m curious as to why this is. Does it relate to the Acts works of fiction are usualy broken into?
  • That’s it! Overall, very little.

First proper Lets Read I’ll’ve done, though I have tried doing one for the first Hunger Games book, but nothing really came from it.