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Ready Player One novel review

Welcome to my overdue Ready Player One novel review! It’s been a long time coming and it’s finally here!

Lets Read Ready Player One Chapter Five

Notes while reading Theres a class on OASIS? Odd. It’d be like a class on WoW or EVE. Since this is Advanced OASIS, are there Beginner and Intermediate classes too? Welcome to the history...

Lets Read Ready Player One Chapter Four

Notes while reading Finally learn what OASIS stands for! Oh, GSS licensed the world of other fictional universes! So that’s how they can appear! OASIS’ sectors are organised like a Rubix Cube. Will the...

Lets Read Ready Player One Chapter One

Welcome to Ready Player One chapter one! Wherein we get worldbuilding regarding Wade and his life, and we make a bit of progress in terms of plot! Noted during reading First chapter in Level...

Ready Player One – Chapter 0

This is the first proper post in the Lets Read of Ready Player One, and covers Chapter 0. It’s mainly bullet point notes I took as I read the chapter.