Lets Read Ready Player One Chapter Three

Short update on a short chapter.

Notes while reading

  • Vision-in-vision/screen-in-screen when in cat room, handy feature to keep tabs on where your avatar is.
  • friend in forum too, sounds like the OASIS version of a streamer
  • Aech is like Wade, a Halliday nerd and Gunter.
  • Good to see what they call “canon” – stuff Halliday was a fan of
    • Ah, debates about what is and isn’t canon. I know what that’s like (through Jurassic Park).


Short chapter. Not much to talk about since it mainly covers Wade’s relationship with Aech with some info on Gunters. Plus that “argument” with I-r0k seemed…forced? Out of place? Not sure. Seemed like it was there to give Wade an “I’m better than you!” attitude. This is the first chapter where the 80s references felt OTT