VoxDoom interview

Who are you?
I’m Dany, I stream under the name Vox Doom

A selfie of VoxDoom
VoxDoom, selfie.

How did you choose your name, VoxDoom?
I was playing City of Heroes and needed a character name for a guy who used sonic blasts. I came up with Vox Doom first, then spent about half an hour trying to think of something that sounded as cool as that before realising I could just use Vox Doom.

How did you get into streaming?
I’ve been a viewer for a long time, enjoying people like Markiplier and the Game Grumps do gaming videos and one night when I was living in a shared house, our friend Jacob came over with his PC to have a horror games party. He and I had a pretty natural rapport and made our friends laugh so we decided to do some recordings. We haven’t released them yet but we’ll get to it. From there I got the itch and now I stream when I’m in the mood.

You originally started stream on Twitch then moved to Facebook Live. What prompted the move?
It’s just easier really. I have a bunch of friends on Facebook and can share the videos with them more easily. Takes away that need to click to another site and sit through ads.

How is Facebook compared to Twitch for streaming?
I’d say it’s pretty similar for someone like me, on the lowest rung. There are already a bunch of Youtube and Twitch superstars and trying to build an audience when there’s already such an established bunch of people already doing it is hard, so for now I’m just sticking to making videos for me, my friends and whoever stumbles upon them.

Where do you see your streaming career going in the future?
Ah man, who knows. I have no expectations. I figure it’s best to just do it because it’s fun, you know?

Have you considered doing Youtube as well?
Yeah I have a Youtube channel but I haven’t put anything on it. I might, but, well I feel like gaming streams aren’t really welcome there anymore.

Are you open to collaborations?

Have you done any collaborations with other content creators? If so, can you tell us about them?
Well me and Jacob have done stuff, he uses the name Itxi online and has some Twitch stuff up. There’s my partner Morgana Fiolett who rarely streams, we’ve done some Paladins together I think. Her main thing is her podcast Great Disasters, which I provided music for. I haven’t really collaborated much with anyone else, just streamed stuff they were playing in at the same time as me like Quiplash.

If someone wanted to collaborate with you, what would be the best way for them to reach out?
Just send a direct message to my Facebook page, don’t send an e-mail though, my e-mail account is constantly rammed with spam.

If you could have a single superpower, what would it be and why?
Immortality, definitely. I could see everything and eventually with technological advanced, have all the other superpowers! Either that or the power to shrink so small I could crawl into butts and expand, killing the host. But I think immortality would be less distressing.

Have you bingewatched any shows recently? If so, what have they been?
Oh my god, all of them. I really love Sci-fi so I pretty much watch everything unless it’s really bad. I love The Expanse, book and tv series. I’ve been obsessing over Doom Patrol lately, best superhero show on tv.

If you could live in one franchise, what would it be and why?
Probably the Mass Effect franchise. It’s my favourite universe. I’d love to be able to fly to the different planets and explore, meet new life, have sex with it, etc.

Are there any streamers you think deserve more attention/coverage?
Well you do, obviously. [Fiction note, my socials are in the top right of the site]
I mostly watch Youtubers and a couple who should be getting more views are Cannot Be Tamed who does mostly gaming reviews and commentary and The Gaming Corner who play mostly retro games. Really good stuff. OH yeah and go watch Baremetal HW, he restores old toy cars and makes dioramas and stuff.
Oh one Streamer I love is Sweet Anita, she’s hilarious.

Where can we find you online (social media etc)?
I’m always Vox Doom, or voxdoom. So Facebook, twitter, instagram etc all use that name. I’m not massively prolific on social media but if you see voxdoom in a game, it’ll probably be me, or a name thief, tricksy hobbitses…