Lets Read Ready Player One Chapter Four

Notes while reading

  • Finally learn what OASIS stands for!
  • Oh, GSS licensed the world of other fictional universes! So that’s how they can appear!
  • OASIS’ sectors are organised like a Rubix Cube.
    • Will the Egg be in the middle piece?
    • Will you havereorder the other sectors or the layout to get the Egg or clues?
      • ie like solving a regular cube.
  • Microtransactions exists as fuel and teleportation costs.
  • OASIS is Free To Play with microtransactions, and hopefully not Play To Win.
  • Wonder what XP and levels are used for.
    • XP increases levels and abilities
  • Gain XP, coins and items, like regular RPGs
  • Oooh, at risk of being expelled. Harsh.
  • Third decade of Great Recession, wow.


Another short chapter. More world building and explanation. Hope plot starts moving forward soon.
80s references: minimal. Makes up for Chapter 3 going OTT!