Lets Read Ready Player One Chapter Five

Notes while reading

  • Theres a class on OASIS? Odd. It’d be like a class on WoW or EVE.
    • Since this is Advanced OASIS, are there Beginner and Intermediate classes too?
  • Welcome to the history of OASIS!


Jesus Christ, how much world building does this book need? Yeah, it’s great we’re learning more about OASIS and everything, but come on! I’ve tried to do a Lets read of the Hunger Games a few times (never completed it) and by the end of chapter 5 there Katniss was about to get trined at the arena training area!
80s references: minimal!
Worldbuilding: starting to run out of patience.
Look, I like the setting and world building and that kind of thing, but I’m waiting for stuff to actually happen. The plot so far can be summed up as: Wade woke up, and went to school.

It took a few days between reading the chapter and typing these notes (of this chapter and chapter six) I realise I may be over-reacting. I’m not sure, so feel free to let me know!