Lets Read Ready Player One Chapter Six

In this entry it’s time to read Player One chapter six!

Welcome to 80s references: The Chapter! This chapter is packed full of 8-s references, with the first half being nearly a list of things popular in the 80s, and the second half being about a specific thing popular in the 80s: The D&D module Tomb of Horrors.
While the first half was OTT, the chapter is not too bad. Y’know why? /plot happens!/ We learn how Wade made progress towards getting the Copper Key!

Overall I wasn’t too happy with this chapter since it seemed to be listing what was popular in the 80s than anything else. Yes, I get that the 80s are important to Halliday (or were), and therefore important to the story. But did we really need a chapter full of constant “Hey, remember <thing>?” making it come off like low grade member berries from South Park.
I had originally noted “Welcome to the literary version of blue balls.” at the end of my notes, which reflected my opinion at the time, and still does to some degree, but I’m really wanting to move on with plot. I’m hoping it to in chapter seven, but only time will tell.

With the chapter mainly being just 80s references, my notes through the chapter where rather short, merely noting that Gunters had their own file sharing system and wiki, both of which makes sense. Still, the question stands: how much world building will happen before things happen?