Lets Read Ready Player One Chapter Seven

Strap in kids, we’re now on Ready Player One chapter seven and plot starts moving forwards at a pace never before seen in this book!

So this was a fun chapter. The story is now moving along at quite the pace so we don’t need to worry much about chapters of exposition. I hope.

In this chapter we follow Wade work out the details to the location of the Copper Key and travel there. The chapter ends with him entering the Tomb of Horrors, which is a nice cliffhanger as it makes us want to continue reading.
In hindsight I do feel like I was overly harsh in the last two chapters regarding the amount of world building done up to now. Though I do feel it was warrented to a degree though.

80s references: sprinkling.
World building: minimal but supports plot movement and possible foreshadowing.
References: Teleporters on the school world where described to be similar in appearance to the TARDIS from Dr Who
Possible foreshadowing: Hackers with multiple accounts with clones retinas. Wade may end up being back-stabbed this way.
While making these notes I realised there’s no set villain outside the Hunt. I mean sure, there’s the big groups like the Sixers and other solo Gunters, but there’s no Big Bad. If there is, they haven’t made themselves known yet.
This chapter does mention Quidditch not being possible in the real world, and it being an OASIS-only thing. Nowadays, in the actual real world, Quidditch is an international sport, though modified since we can’t actually fly on brooms. Yet.
Wade does have a point: did Halliday want a kid to find the key since the first key is on school world?

That’s the end of our journey through Ready Player One chapter seven, and I’m definitely looking forward to Chapter 8!