Vip0r interview

Today’s interview is with Vip0r, a UK Twitch streamer.

Photo of Vip0r, taken by his fiancee
Photo of Vip0r, taken by his fiancee

How long have you been streaming?
I originally tried to stream back in 2014 playing games like Spelunky, Shovel Knight and CS:GO, although it was very basic and ad-hoc of when I just played around with it.
I made it a goal this year to begin focusing on streaming a lot more and so far I’ve been amazed of all the feedback and results.

How did you get into streaming?
It’s always been something that’s interested me, back in the old days of Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War I used to play with friends almost every night and we’d have such fun playing and joking around and was something that I wanted to record, but back then it was hard to do. So when streaming came about and it became much easier to capture, that’s when I thought it’s finally become a viable option.

Which streamer would you love to collaborate with?
FuturemanGaming would be cool as I love his passion and his whole performance. Lirik would be another one I’d like too as he’s always seems to be having fun.

Any advice for beginner or wannabe streamers?
Don’t wait for tomorrow, keep going, never stop. Always be positive, engaging and people will always come back and say “Hi” to join in the fun!

Are there any small streamers you think deserve more attention?
Apart from yourself?
Right now I’m enjoying watching Didius. He’s a really fun guy and has loads of passion for it. He even does several 24 hour streams quite often too which is pretty mental!

Favourite stream you’ve done so far?
During the run up to becoming affiliate, I was seeing the community gather friends to come and join in to help get it over the line and within 2 streams, the goal was smashed! That is something that I’ll always remember.

Favourite clip taken of your channel/streams?
I love it when things go wrong or unplanned, say well timed glitches or crashes, especially when something surprises you! They’re always the best ones!

How do you choose which games to play on stream?
I usually try and see what I find interesting to talk about, so if I’d pick a retro game, I’d like to share my experiences with it and hopefully others will find that interesting and share their thoughts along the way too. Other than that, I’d try to pick a game that brings the community together and can join in the fun with.

Is there any type of game you refuse to play?
Fifa. I’m not really a soccer fan. It’s not that I refuse to play it, more that I can’t…! Besides, the best version was Fifa 97 on the PSOne and it hasn’t changed since!

If you could stream only one game for the rest of your streaming career, what would it be and why?
I’d probably pick Counter-Strike. I still play the different versions of it today. It’s just so easy to get back into and pick up as if I’d never left. #de_dust2

You got Affiliate not to long ago.  How was the grind to that?
It was a long road and at times it felt that it wasn’t getting anywhere. I think it’s the hardest part about streaming is to keep going, especially when no-one seems to be watching when you first start out.
I’m not sure if Twitch could help new streamers in anyway by lets say randomly adding them to the main page, but then again if someone received 1000 viewers on the first day, how would anyone handle that?! So I guess it would be a double-edged sword.
Everyone has their own journey.
The main thing I’ve taken away from streaming is how supportive other streamers and viewers were in helping me get closer and closer. Raiding, chatting and just having fun has been such a great help and inspiration. I like to think that I can return the favour over time and makes someones day the way people helped me.

Any advice to people wanting to get to Affiliate?
Keep doing what you’re doing and it will happen!
You have to stick with it, ask friends to join in and make suggestions on what they like/dislike and take it on board. I re-watched streams the next day and tried to assess what I did and what I could have improved. I’m still always learning on what I could improve on. Never stop improving.

Who’s the strongest character you could beat in a fair fight?
I’m pretty badass as Scorpion from Mortal Kombat (until they changed his move set in X…) so as long as I can pick him, I’m pretty unbeatable!

What’s the most immersive game you’ve ever played, on or off stream?
I’d probably say when the first DayZ mod came out. Being alone fending for yourself for food and weapon supplies. Coming across another player in the vast open space, not knowing if they would attack you on sight, or try and help fend off against zombies was an exhilarating feeling. We pretty much got the Battle Royale genre out of it as that was the mod which it inspired ‘PlayerUnknown’ to make the Arma2 mod.
It’s a shame how bad the DayZ standalone version turned out, as that could have been something special.

 Is there anything that immediately turns you off a game/book/film/etc?
First impressions are always important. I wouldn’t want to spend too much time with something that’s not going somewhere, or at least it must have something engaging along the way.

Are you currently binging anything at the moment? If so, what?
Better Call Saul on Netflix. It’s the prequel lead up to the events of Breaking Bad, so it has really good production values with a great artistic approach to filming.

If you had to live in one franchise, which would it be and why?
I’ve always loved the Neo-Future of worlds like Blade Runner and The Fifth Element. Any worlds with flying cars, neon-holo signs and synth music etc…
As long as I can hydrate a pizza, I’m in!

Where can we find you online?
All over the place! Twitter, Instagram, Steam and of course, Twitch etc… Just search VIP0R in google and I usually turn up! I’ve been using this call sign since 2001.