Disappointing update.

An overdue, underwhelming and disappointing update to the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom viral marketing.

Volcano update.

There was a tweet out on April 18th saying Mout Sibo was showing more activity:

The link leads to the Mt Sibo page, that shows…..precisly no new information. No new articles, the magnitude is still MAG 03. I didn’t write an article, because there’s nothing to talk about.

Celebrate National Dinosaur Day and #AdoptADino!

Back on May 15th there was an email titled, “Happy #DinoDay!”, to tie in with National Dinosaur Day, yes it’s a real holiday, the DPG let people to Adopt a Dino! It linked to AdoptADino.com, which forwards to the AdoptADino secton of the DPG site.
The email mentions a sweepstakes you could enter, but it ended at the end of May 15th. Clicking on Begin takes you to a choice of several dinosaurs, some that appeared onscreen in the films, others that didn’t. You then are told to add your photo and name, and you’re given your Certificate of Adoption, which is on a page (that I can’t link to) with a list of a large number of people, and the dinosaurs they adopted.
I’ve attached my Certificate of Adoption, below, for a Triceratops. His name is Kevin, and his favourite food is Mangoberries.

Certificate of Adoption.
My Certificate of Adoption.

The End?

That’s it. No more updates to report on. There may be something when the film gets its general release, possibly something about the volcano finally erupting. Overall, this has been kinda disappointing, especially compared with the viral marketing for Jurassic World.
What have you thought about the viral marketing for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? Feel free to reach out and let me know, either on Twitter, or in the Discord!