Lets Watch Westworld Season 2 Episode 5

Maeve develops new powers, Delores shows her mindset, Bernard continues to confuse.

The write-up

Delores’ story in this episode shows two things: where she’s planning to go (and how), and what she’s willing to do to achieve her goals.

  1. She’s wanting to head to the Mesa, the main control building of the park, and she’s getting other hosts to prep the train to get there as fast as possible.
  2. We’re getting to learn more about her mindset. There was a conversation between her and Teddy about a story from her backstory about dealing with an infection going through the herd her and her dad had. Teddy says he would’ve kept the weak inside to keep them safe, Delores’s dad burned infected and weak, but herd survived.

In the middle of all this, Delores and Teddy finally get together, and it’s not narratively driven. Teddy says he’s “not a stranger looking for a lie”
Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long, as Delores later has Teddy rewritten (or changed, somehow) without being rebooted. This reflects the earlier conversation they had, and shows Delores’ mindset in being willing/ready to sacrifice the weak in order for the rest of the heard to survive.

Maeve’s plot in this episode takes us through part of Shogun World, and we get to find out more about this park while we’re there.
We do learn a few things about Shogun World:

  • Turns out Shogun World is for those who find WestWorld too tame. Wow.
  • Corners cut when Shogun World was being made! Some narratives, hosts and places were copied from Westworld and slightly altered.
  • Looks like things are breaking down here, much like the other parks we’ve seen (including narratives going off the rails)

Maeve’s group’s journey through ShogunWorld has a few notable events that occur:

  1. Sizemore now has a radio, which he nabbed from a corpse of one of the would-be resucers from the present.
  2. Maeve develops, and hones, the ability to conciously tap into thw wifi that connects all hosts to those near to them (a piece of tech mentioned a few episodes ago)
  3. She also learns that her persuasion powers (both vocal and wireless) only work if she’s communicating in the language the target(s) speaks. (thouh all hosts sound like they “know” a fair number of languages, they’re programemd to only use a very limited number of them)

Maeve’s powers do seem to be developing down lines that tie into her character. In essense she can make people and hosts do what she wants by talking to them (either vocally or mentally).
The destination of Maeve’s group, before heading going to rescue Sakura, was to head to an elevator to backstage, located in a location in Sakura’s backstory. If they still head that way, we won’t know until the next time Maeve’s group gets screentime. We left them being charged by a small army.

Bernard appeared for a short period of time, with Delos people in the control room in the Mesa. We get no more answers as to what’s going on with him.

Theories, questions, etc

There’s not really much more going on that I can theorycraft on. Mostly it’s the same questions I’ve had for a while, that probably won’t get answered til near the end of the season.
What’s going on with Bernard is still bugging me. The previous episode he was with Elsie in a secret bunker, in this episode we see him at the Mesa but there’s no mention of Elsie. Is it multiple Bernards? Is it more of his memories being unsyncd? Is he being looped to get information out of him?
What’s Sizemore going to do with his new found radio? Possibly ruin what ever Maeve’s got planned.
What are Maeve and Delores’ endgames? We know Maeve wants her daughter, but what’s she going to do after? Delores seems to be fighting for Host freedom, but what’s she going to do when she has control of Westworld? Go into the real world?

What do you think?

I’d love to hear what you think. What’s your theory on Bernard? What do you think of Maeve’s new found power? Feel free to let me know on the Discord or let me know on Twitter!