Lets Watch Westworld Season 2 episodes 2, 3 and 4

Overdue write-up

Hey everyone, I’ve kinda been putting this write-up off. Doing this Let’s Watch has been a bit wierd, given this the first full one I’ve done (with the pilot of Mr Robot being the first solo episode one I’ve done), I’ve not been sure how to do it properly. 
On the note-taking side, I’ve had to switch it up. With episodes one, two and three, I was meticulously taking notes. This led me to, possibly, missing stuff that happened. Starting with Episode 4, I’m only making notes on things I think are important. Hopefully this’ll let me enjoy the show, and not become bogged down in making notes.

Episode 2

General notes

This episodes features several sequences set in the past, during the time of Westworld being set-up. This includes Delores (and a number of other hosts) being out in the real world. This was surprising, and seemed to be done to show the viablity of the technology of the hosts. A “Which person here is a host?” test was also done, and was subverted with a “Everyone but you” answer. We also found out that news of what happened at Ford’s party hadn’t spread to everyone in the park, seeing as how some staff in one of the outlying host refurbishment/external port areas had no idea what was going on. We finally meet the company’s owner, Delos, in the past (William/Logan’s time), and it’s suggested that he’ dying. William possibly wants to help the hosts. Delores mentioned looking for a weapon of some kind. The Man in Black is either willing to help hosts survive, or is on their side. Ford is sending messages to the Man in Black through hosts, in this episode it’s through his host son.
Theories: No theories.
Questions: What’s the Argos initiative?

Episode 3

General notes

We get confirmation that Abernathy is the package (though that could just be me missing something before). We finally get our first view inside another park: Raj World. It seemed to be functional for a while, until thigns started going wrong there too. Shows a good way of determining (maybe) a way of distinguishing between hosts and humans: shoot them with a park gun. Humans get hurt, but live, and hosts die/bleed. There’s a sequence showing a human being chased out of the park, which reminds me of the film, and also shows you can walk out of the park. On the Delores front, she embraces the Wyatt ID, and meets Abernathy and recognises him as her original dad! On top of that, she’s building a host army and is armign them with real world guns. Clementine is back in the show! Woo! There’s scenes between Bernar and Delos people, Hale being alive there, before looping back to his time with Hale in her secret lab. With Abernathy, he was discovered amongst some people from the party, and was dressed like a party person too. It’s later discovered that he’s got a thin/basic character in him that’s driving him to get to the trains to leave, and this character is what’s causing him trouble. We find Felix and his mate are still alive, and Bernard is getting shakes. After the fort, Forlorn Hope, is attacked, Charlotte Hale has possession of Abernathy. On the Maeve front, she comes across a Lakota (going off the subtitles), who doesn’t accept her commands, and her group encounter hosts from Shogun World. 
Theories: Bernard: possibly being run through loops to get information from him.
Questions: Would Delos go to the trouble of making a host act like a regular human from “the present”? 

Episode 4

Note: this episode, I started only taking notes on things that seemed important.
We see William making visits to Delos. The conversation they have is the same everytime, and ends with William giving him a letter. Every time, the letter is revealed to be a transcript of the conversation they’ve just had. The last visit is from the Man in Black, and the conversation is rather different, though still retains elements from the William conversations. Turns out, that Delos is biologically dead, and what we’ve been seeing is conversations with a host. Not a host like Bernard, who’s a host built to be a replica of a human, but a host with an uploaded copy of the human they’re supposed to be. Down side is, though, the process isn’t perfect, and Delos is degrading everytime, like his mind doesn’t accept what’s real. Every Delos we see With William or the Man in Black is a different version. Every time, Delos last a little longer, and the last one we see (with the Man in Black) is version 149, which lasted 35 days. Thirty five.

We see Bernard with Elsie, getting on-screen confirmation that she’s alive. They discover a secret lab in sector 12, possibly the secret lab from when bernard was with Charlotte Hale. We also discover that Bernard’s memories aren’t “addressed” meaning that he can slip back into a memory and not know if it’s “now” or “then”. Plus, the memories could be out of order too, since he can’t place them in a timeline. He’s also got some damage to him, that Elsie managed to bypass so that his mind doesn’t react to it like it normally does. He and Elsie also discover Delos-149 in his room, which was in this secret place in sector 12. This means that the last meeting Delos had (with the Man in Black) was not that long ago. We also find out that Ford wanted a control unit for another human upload. Possibly for himself, so “he” could be shot at the party (which would be possible, since Delos-149 managed to last 35 days before degrading).

The Man in Black
Not much to add here, MiB is doing his thing with Lawrence, playing the game Ford’s layed out for him with Lawrences help. Ford’s story, according to MiB has “multiple contenders” so all the group’s plot lines may all meet up later down the season. We find that Logan is probably dead, thanks to overdoasing sometime between William’s time and the Man in Black’s time. Near the end of the episode, there’s another message from Ford, this time as Lawrence’s daugher. We also get to meet the Man in Black’s actual daughter too.

The big thing is: Delos Incorporated has been researching brain uploading. Combined with mention of them collecting DNA samples in the Terms of Service of going to Westworld, there’s two possible services they could be offering:

  1. An immortality service: Give us a boatload of cash, and we’ll upload you into a copy of your body to live forever!
  2. A duplication service: Give us cash, and we’ll replace your enemies/rivals with more compliant copies.

There’s a few questions that I’d like more information on:

  1. Do we have one Bernard or multiple copies? If it’s one, do we have multiple timeframes, are his memories causing him to see things out of sync, or something else?
  2. What’s the Man in Black’s storyline he’s on?
  3. Why did Ford want another control unit? Who has he (or did he) replicate or upload?
  4. How far do Ford’s machinations lie?

I’m hoping we’ll get more answers and resolutions as time goes on!

That’s it for these three episodes. I finished watching episode five earlier today, and that write-up will go up in the next few days. The viral marketing update will go up in the next few days as well, possibly the day after the episode five Lets Watch. 
But what do you think? Let me know on Twitter, or drop into the Discord and let me know there!