JurassicWorld.com updates.

The other Jurassic World site, which I’ve spoken about, is JurassicWorld.com.  Recently, the site’s undergone a few updates, and there’s been some major changes.  I’ll go through them, then talk about how to keep on top of the changes, so you’re up to date.

First off, if you were to click the link to the site above, it’ll take you to a localised site.  For me, it’s the UK international site.  There are a few other languages and countries available (eg English-US/UK/Aus, yes 3 English sites, French, Spanish and Russian).  There are a few more, but the selection is pretty limited.  there are some big languages that it misses.  Speak only German? You’re out of luck, the German site shows the original countdown timer still at zero, with a link to the Masrani site and social media.  Nothing more.  This is great if you have a site you can visit and read, but sucks if you don’t.

Secondly, Raptor Pass.  I mentioned the Raptor Pass in the last post, and was something you could sign up for. Well, if you signed up, they put out an email just over a week ago, saying they were updating the Dinosaurs page of the site.  This fun, adds more insight to the site and the dinosaurs.  Downside of this though, if you’re using an international/localised site, you have to wait longer for updates.  The French dinosaurs page for example has yet to have the translated updates put onto it.  Another downside of the localisation.  If you were to visit any of the Jurassic World international sites, there’s no link to the Raptor Pass on the front page.  None at all.  The main, US, site still does though.  You can still access the Raptor Pass on the international sites by putting /raptor-pass on the end of the address, though you can’t sign up as far as I’m aware.

I mentioned being able to get round the redirection if you visit jurassicworld.com.  All you do is visit www.jurassicworld.com/?redirect=false.  This lets you visit the US site, and once there you can visit the various areas without being re-directed to your localisation.  If you do, take the chance to sign up for the Raptor Pass and see what else it has in store.