The Walking Dead Season 2 review

Thanks to the Steam Christmas sale, I finally picked up Telltale’s Waling Dead Season 2, and I spent the Christmas period and New Year playing it.

 It’s a good game, but comes across as a slightly different animal compared to the first season.  You play as Clementine, the kid Lee (the season one protagonist) found early in the first episode of season one, and this season is set nearly two years after the first season (besides the first part of the first episode which is only a few months after the first season).  You wind up with a new group, encounter new problems, all the while trying to stay alive.

Honestly, this season comes across as a slightly different game.  While I found season one came across as black and white, morality-wise, season two was more shades of grey.  This made it difficult for me, as some of the choices ended up being harder, and I either favoured both or neither yet was forced to choose one side over the other.  This isn’t a flaw in the game, as if this happened in real life, things wouldn’t simply be black or white.

if you’ve played season one, and the 400 days DLC, prior to playing season 2, you can import your save to transfer your choices from that game over.  Yes, there are characters that do appear from the previous season and the DLC.  One of them is a suprise, and I won’t spoil it here for those of you who haven’t played the game yet.

The biggest thing that got me, was the ending of Season 2.  Specifically, there’s 5 of them.  Yes, five possible endings, and they’re not just slightly reskinned versions of each other.  The endings differ in who you’re with and where you end up.  Season 3 has been confirmed by Telltale, the creators, and it’ll be interesting to see how they deal with the multiple endings at the start of the game.