Several Masrani Global Updates

So, the Masrani Global site has had several updates throughout December of 2014.

Firstly, the news page has an entry for December, and talks about the decommisioning of a weather satellite called Glinda (presumably named after the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz novels) which studied the ‘biology’ of storms.  According to Jessie Rosegrant, Masrani employee, “Glinda won’t impact the ground,” and “Its trajectory should put it far over the Pacific Ocean, where it’ll burn up in our upper atmosphere.”  For those of you who don’t know, Isla Nublar (where Jurassic World will be set) is in the Pacific Ocean, so there may be a reference to Glinda in the film.

Secondly, there’s a new entry on the CEO’s blog.  It mentions Glinda’s decommisioning and it’s replacement, Ervic.  Apparantly, Masrani want’s to focus on satellites with self-updating systems, which sounds kinda cool while simultaneously reminding me of Skynet.  It then goes onto mention a ‘new attraction’ coming in June (when the film is released), which is presumably the hybrid mentioned in the trailer.  In the recent past, there’s been mention of a D-Rex (Diabolus Rex) being the big bad dinosaur of the movie, but at this moment, we can’t be sure this is it.  The entry finishes off on a light-ish note, saying he’ll be in Shaghai looking over the offices being rennovated, and may stay til the new year celebrations on February 19th.

Lastly, and the most recent update to the site, there’s another job vacancy available, that of a Vetrinarian.  I’ve applied, and below are the ID and welcome letter the site gives you.

JW Vet ID badge
My JW Vet ID badge
JW Vet welcome letter
My JW Vet welcome letter

I’ve decided not to censor my name, new courage and whatnot, but the ID badge looks cool.  I tried decoding the QR code, but I’ve not been able to decode it at this point in time.

it’s good to see they’re updating the site, giving it the image of an actual company.  I’m looking forward to future updates, and seeing what the future holds.