Jurassic World website

So, the countdown on jurasssicworld.com is over and what did we get?  An in-universe promotional website, giving visitors plenty of information on the park and the attractions!  

My inner 9 year old nearly wet himself when I visited the site this morning.  The website is amazing, and it looks like there’s going to be more posted to it in the future.

Features of the site include a park map that shows off various attractions (including Main Street, and the Innovation Centre), a list of dinosaurs the park has (currently only the apatosaurus, triceratops and T-Rex have available pages, looks like the others will be up later) and there’s the opportunity to sign up for a Raptor Pass.   Raptor Pass, at the moment, only gives access to 7 already released photos, but at the bottom there’s 3 sections blocked off, so there may be stuff to become available closer to the films release.

What can we expect from the site in the 195 days and 6 hours (according to the site’s countdown)?  Well, besides the items mentioned above, there’s the following locked icons: Plan your visit; Tickets; Park cam; and Tickets.  I’m /really/ looking forward to seeing what these provide, but as it stands, it’s well worth checking the site out.