Mega-update on Jurassic World

A few days ago, the latest Super Bowl was on, and during half time several spots for movies including Jurassic World.  Coinciding with this is the release of a load more information on

Park map:  The Gyrosphere, Aquatic Park, T-Rex Kingdom and Gallimimus Valley are now viewable.
Tickets page: This is now viewable and has information on the various packages available.  Each package also has a couple of reivews
Plan Your visit: This lists all the things that are available on your stay at Jurassic World.
Creation Lab: get an overview of the steps they take during the creation of the dinosaurs
Park Cam: This one’s fun, you can look through various cameras located throughout the Park and see whats going on.  No dinos available yet, alas.  Check out the Gentle Giants Enclosure for one of the less savory jobs on the island.

A few days laters, they updated the Dinosaurs page to include the Indomitable Rex page, which is visitable, and the Velociraptor page , which isn’t.  They’ve also put up an in-universe Facebook page