Masrani update – Masrani Security Initiative

Masrani Global has had another update, this time releasing information on the Masrani Security Initiative.

There’s two elements to this update: the Masrani Security Initiative page that’s found via a link at the bottom of the InGen page, and a video on the Media page.

The page reveals more information about Vincent D’onofrio’s character Vic Hoskins, and more about how security works on the island, and the island chain it’s a part of.  The whole division seems to be very reliant on technology, especially from MasCom (Masrani’s communication company) and I wouldn’t be suprised if that factored into how the dinosaurs escape, especially with the recent communication satellite decommisioning (specifically Glinda, which is supposed to burn up over the Pacific, where Isla Nublar is located, and is bein replaced by a self updating satellite, Ervic).

One thing I did notice was a reference to “disturbing hospitalization cases on the Costa Rican mainland.”  This is probably a reference to the novels, where dinosaurs were escaping to the mainland, and living off lysine rich foods (allowing them to circumvent the lysine contingency).

Overall, I’m starting to get ideas as to how the park may fail this time round.  I remember Hammond in the first film talking about how they were “far too reliant on technology” and that they’d do better next time.

What will the site updated with next?  Stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled!