Bardquest Lets Read

Bard Quest is the second of the MSPaintAdventures, and is the shortest standing in at 82 pages. As of writing, it remains unfinished, and is unlikely to ever be continued or finished.

Onto the story!

We start off as a bard, about to play for a king, and immediately we’re given three choices.

  • intro doesn’t work
  • shine his shoes gets us quickly killed,
  • sing ballad about the queen!

And this is where I hit a bit of a snag for doing this let’s read. There are a total of 8 branching points in the story, with one true plot line leading through them. I’m not sure how to present going up and down each branch in a coherent manner

I’ll give a shortned view of the whole thing:
The main plot of the comic follows an unnamed bard on his quest from playing his lute for the king to questing to kill dragons. Given the number of branches and overall length of the adventure, not much progress is made. Several branches feature Bard unsuccessfully trying to buy equipment, with Hunk Rump making a cameo in one of the blacksmith’s branches, but does manage to pick up a top-of-the-line cod piece in the main plotline. Heading into the woods, Bard and his followers end up not doing much. The adventure’s perpetual hiatus begins with Bard in the Swamp of Mystery, with this being the last location change. Will swamp qizard give us answers? Will there every be a tacked on finale panel, much like Jail Break? We’ll never know.


Short, lot good ideas like the multiple branches, but not much substance to the main plotline as it’s not particularly cohesive.
Like Jail Quest, it’s worth reading if you want to see the older stuff and do an archive binge, but by itself it’s not much to look at beyond that.