No reply to Delos’ last email.

Yesterday a new email from Delos came through, with the subject line “Did everyone at Westworld get fired?”.

The email reports that they got no reply to the last email (talking about San Diego Comic Con), and everything’s at the emailer’s office in sleep mode. With New York Comic Con coming up, the hosts need repairs and diagnostics (apparantly they’ve gone months without the latter). If there’s no reply, things are moving forward.

Now there’s also a link to the main website. If you visit it a video plays, an advert for the New York experience. However, this video has some…issues. Talking to Aeden, he advertises the event in New York, linking to the HBO page on the event. According to the page, there’s a limited number of places available for the experience over the weekend. For those of you who can’t go, like me, there’s a hastag to check out, #WestworldNYCC.